I am a versatile musician, a classical guitarist that likes to look outside his window. The given gift of composition has always led me to search and seek for ideas outside what we could or might consider the traditional parameters of a classical guitarist. Moreover the main idea has always been to create new compositions for the classical guitar rather than search and adapt music from other instruments or sources to the guitar. I like to implement and adapt ideas from the outside, mould them and make them property of the guitar rather than make the guitar property of a transcription. Nevertheless this does not mean that all transcriptions are wrong, actually many added life and beauty to this instrument's rich repertory. At the same time this concept can be turned upside down and ideas for compositions that come from the guitar are moulded and placed in other music styles, like some things I have done for film music scores, rock music etc. This is not something original in itself, but it comes from my learning of things, my roots, a family of artist that had as friends opera, rock and classical musicians, painters and sculptors, from the love for the 60's and 70's music of various styles including the most beautiful period for classical music recordings. I do not seek originality in music by searching for odd sounds, I believe in simplicity, in beautiful melodies and the uniqueness of a composition that is made up by the many factors that come from character and ability of an individual. Of course life experiences and inspiring people are not enough without the aid and support of a progressive and passionate study of music theory and the guitar. I studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto under the guidance of guitarist composer John Perrone and later privately in Rome with guitarist composer and arranger Mario Gangi. I learned to play the blues with a blues guitarist that lived on the streets of Toronto when I was in high school that gave me another point of view on the guitar. My music carer has also been marked by many difficulties like Focal Dystonia, and long unwanted pit stops, but this has made me stronger and gave me the chance once again to further look into music in different ways. I have made many recordings, ranging from classical guitar to rock concept albums, film music and performed in venues quite extensively in Italy for many years. This long journey is not over yet and I hope I will be able to produce more works and hopefully more music worth listening too!

MWD Guitar